3 Years have passed since the fall of the Florents and rise of House Honeywine.

With the Webber and Beesbury houses successfully cowed, and the Florents losing their rights as Honeywine’s liege lord the house is flourishing. Going from the verge of ruin to being an impressive economic power in the south the house has never been more powerful.

In the wake of the death of Loras Tyrell the south is in need of strong new leadership. Mace Tyrell has been so wrought with grief he has been neglecting his duties these past three years. In lieu of this King Robert Baratheon and his new Hand of the King Lord Eddard Stark are looking for a new Warden of the South.

While Honeywine is no where near powerful enough to be in the running themselves for such an honor many houses from the Reach, the Stormlands and Dorne are making their way north to Kings landing to make their appeals.

House Honeywine is busy in their preparations to head north. Who will they champion for this new position? Will they try to become Wardens themselves? Well that’s what the game is for to answer these questions and more!

A Song of Honey and Wine II

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